I am going to propose to her that I will try going to church with her every Sunday if she goes to AA. Other things to note: 1.she was molested by her older brother when she was a. Depending on the state you live in, there may be claims you can file against your spouse's paramour (the person with whom your spouse has cheated). One such claim is "alienation of affection." You typically hear about this claim when there is a headline in the news about a big monetary award given by a jury in a high-profile case. I (25f) am currently 4mo pregnant with my first baby. I found out yesterday my boyfriend (25m) of 3 years has been cheating on me when he was going out of town in the spring before we discovered I was pregnant. Yesterday a girl he had sex with sent me a long message and screenshots over FB messenger saying she had suspicions but didn’t find. I don't know you but I feel bad for you - seriously. 1) because I see your line of thinking and how you've been living the BP lie and 2) because you don't have any of the tools to gain control of your life. I get it, you found the red-pill, you found your wife cheating, you feel your life is spinning out of control.

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